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JAGRugby is a  school-based rugby programme currently spanning 7 communities in Western Cape. Run by Barry Clarke and his invaluable managers, Chezlin Wilson and Jeron Bosch, JAGRugby has fast become our largest programme with over 1500 children seen 2 per week for coaching, mentoring, and matches.

Committed to providing disadvantaged youth with the opportunity and resources to utilize the sport of rugby to excel both on and off the field. Instilling a culture of dignity, the programme goes far beyond sports development, assisting the children to live healthy, balanced lifestyles and encouraging them to excel in their school careers as well as developing strong interpersonal life skills. This programme as also seen numerous players awarded coveted scholarships from top schools in the Western Cape.

Focusing of various forms of the game, from TAG style rugby to Touch to 7s to 15s, are utilised for different ages and skill level, and to give children different directions and avenues on which to excel within the sport.



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The importance of ‘Safe’ transport

Utilising schools has many benefits when creating a safe space, such as the potential of having a sports field or grassed area for our programmes, but most importantly, that most school boundaries are fenced with lockable gates allowing for a space free of thoroughfare. This lessens the likelihood of being caught in gang cross fire, drug deals, and general community violence.

However, utilising a “Safe Space” is only possible if we can transport the children to and from activities.

Gang territories prevent children from walking for one side of a community to another, the danger of getting caught in criminal activity, gang flairs, and abduction are all a very real issues when it comes to walking.

It is for this reason that JAGRugby supplies hired transport to just short of 350 children, split between 65 teams, from 15 schools, in age brackets U9, U11, and U13, every Monday and Wednesday to a single safe school venue. This excludes the transport required for u14 to U19 teams.

Coaches & Mentors

The impact of the human factor

There is a culture of deep-rooted fear of abuse, gang violence, and seemingly endless spiral into poverty. Escape seems impossible. But every problem allows for a solution. This is education and learning, broadening the horizon. But this learning is not all happening in the head. It is largely provided through influence and guidance.

The ability to relate is a key element to being a mentor. It is for this reason that all of our mentors and coaches come from and reside within the communitiestheycoach. This affords the children a mentor with real knowledge of the difficulties, struggles, and societal stresses the children are susceptible to.

Our favourof qualitative over quantitative measurements requires incremental increases in number of mentors for ensuring sustainability.


Our Values and Pillars

In line with our mission of offering children an alternative lifepath,our programme have 7 pillars to ensuring a successful and efficient imparting of positive values such as tolerance, integrity, respect, discipline, teamwork, accountability, and goal setting.

These key pillars are;

•  Creating a Safehaven

•  Coaches and Mentors

•  Core Value Training

•  Skills Training

•  Inclusion and Nation Building

•  Talent Identification and Enfranchisement

•  Coach and Mentor development